Center Policies:

Suggestions for enhancing your English reading skills:

Read as much in English as possible.

  • Read various texts and academic and non-academic materials, and then read about themes that interest you and those that do not.
  • Read authoritative newspapers such as the New York Times and the Science Times. Utilize the (NPR) websites to obtain copies of programs and to learn new topics and vocabulary.

Constantly increasing your vocabulary.

  • Because you will be required to read on various topics in university, it is essential to expand your vocabulary in various domains.
  • Examine lists of terms used in scholarly works.
  • Create a plan to learn new terms.
  • Create a list of antonyms (words having opposite meanings) and synonyms for your study vocabulary (words with similar meanings).
  • Analyzing a word's morphemes will increase your vocabulary. This will help you comprehend some of the unfamiliar words you see.
  • By forming sentences with new words, you may practice proper usage. This will also aid in remembering the meaning and proper use of the words.


Here are some suggestions for enhancing your English listening comprehension.

If you want to improve your English listening skills, you should listen to anything in English every day and gradually extend the amount of time you spend doing so.

  • Pay attention to a wide range of subjects.
  • Be attentive to what other people are saying. and do your best to respond to the inquiries (what, when, how, why).
  • Make a daily or weekly record of your listening habits.
  • Improve your listening skills through dictations and other practice.
  • Make use of local resources to improve your English listening skills.
  • If you want to improve your English listening skills, you should go to local establishments.Visit the museum and listen to the English-language audio guide.
  • You can dial an English-speaking number and listen to a recorded English-language movie schedule, weather report, or flight update.
  • Check out some English-language DVDs or listen to some audio recordings.
  • You can practice your English listening comprehension by searching online for the lyrics or songs.


Tips to improve your English speaking skills.

Take a conversation class. This will help you to improve your fluency and pronunciation in English.

  • Practice speaking for a limited time on different topics without much preparation.
  • Write several questions on general topics (family, friends, cities, places you usually go to)Give yourself about 20 seconds to think about what you did yesterday. After 20 seconds, you begin to narrate what you did.
  • Give yourself about 20 seconds to think about what you will probably do tomorrow. , Try to talk for a minute. After 20 seconds, start talking about what you were planning to do.
  • Use the books that come with audio software to study pronunciation, stress, and intonation in English.

Increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar in your speech.

  • Study basic grammar rules so that you can speak grammatically correctly.
  • Use new words and phrases every day in your speech.


Daily writing practice.

  • Record news and media programs in English from TV or radio, and download talks or lectures from the Internet.
  • Analysis of the practice of reading syllables in English.

Learn important phrases that help you know what's going on.

  • Determine the identity of the source of information.
  • Listen for words that refer to the main ideas discussed (point, factor, issue).
  • Practice writing correct sentences in English. Start by writing simple sentences.